Living on the paradise island of Lanzarote with my daughter, and working from my beautiful home, but it wasn’t always like this….


I’m lucky to live in a beautiful villa in the Canary Islands with my daughter, but life wasn’t always like this.  I slogged away in jobs I hated since leaving school, always dreaming that one day I would run my own business but the trouble was, I never knew what that business would be!  I worked in offices, in a bank, I was a car salesman for four years and drove a black hackney cab in Edinburgh for eight years, but I couldn’t find happiness.

Then I decided to start my own business as………A CARPET CLEANER!  Well, it was a relatively cheap business to start compared to many other options…..I paid around 5,000 GBP to buy my equipment, van and website.  Now that I look back, I realise I could have started a business for about 1% of that figure, working at home and online.  I wish I had known that back then, and I could have saved myself a lot of back breaking work cleaning dirty carpets!

Starting out in business alone was certainly a good grounding for me, and I learned a lot.  I also learned that when the phone didn’t ring, I wasn’t making money.  I needed customers to pay for my services, right?!  I got to work and did some marketing, invested another 2,000 GBP into a flashy website, and things picked up.  I made a success of it and for my family, it was a great business as I could fit it around my young daughter.  My wife was struggling badly with her health after my daughter was born, so I felt very blessed to have a job that would allow me to be at home to help as much as possible.

We moved to Lanzarote in 2012 after my wife’s health had picked up and I started working with a network marketing company.  I was generating an income online, as well as the income I had from home in the UK with my cleaning business.  We had a great life in the sunshine but out of the blue her illness returned shortly after our arrival and she died at the age of 40.  I was a single father with an eight year old daughter.  We were lost without her, she was our rock and our guide.  My little girl would be without her mummy for the rest of her life.  I had no choice but to pick myself up immediately and get on with life, and my daughter was my driving force.

Network marketing was tough though, it was so hard to keep building the income.  I ran out of people to talk to about my business, people to recruit!  Then one day I stumbled upon an article online about “Attraction Marketing”, telling you how to attract people to you and your business, as opposed to chasing cold leads all the time.  It was a 10 day Boot Camp and it was such an eye opener.  It changed everything for me.  I was suddenly attracting the type of people I genuinely wanted to work with to my business, rather that wasting time on people who never had the energy or will to make it work themselves.  People started messaging ME!  It had pretty much NEVER happened in my business!

I’m now able to truly enjoy working from home in the few hours I dedicate to my work, and we have an excellent lifestyle.  Work is a means to an end for me, my time with my daughter and family will always be WAY more important to me.  Nobody ever lay on their death bed and wished they had worked more, did they?!

Thanks for reading,

To your SUCCESS!

Fraser Thom

PS If you’d like to see for yourself the free 10 day Boot Camp, then click HERE

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